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We specialise in carrying out good quality geophysical surveys for individuals and organisations who wish to locate and investigate archaeological sites without damaging them.

We also carry out surveys to try to ascertain whether a development site, pipeline or road route contains any remains as part of the Planning process.

We use our own magnetometer and resistivity meter and can locate the surveys to within less than a metre using our own differential GPS equipment and, more accurately, using our total station.

We have carried out surveys both in the UK and abroad since 2004 and have worked for The National Trust, Oxford Archaeology, Edinburgh University and numerous other individuals and organisations.

Users of this website must do so on the understanding that we will not be liable for any losses which may arise through the use of any information provided on this site.

We have not asked for cookies to enable us to see how much interest there is in the website as its a bit intrusive. Some feedback would however be welcome.

We have no objection to the illustrations of our surveys being used for non-commercial purposes but would be grateful if the source could be acknowledged. Others should ask us first.

If you are looking for a good overview of archaeological geophysics, the EAC Guidelines for the use of Geophysics in Archaeology by Armin Schmidt and others, 2015, is a good place to start. It may be free on the internet.

We are corporate members of the International Society for Archaeological Prospection.

Amended (Downloads added) August 2019