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It is best to contact us at an early stage so we can discuss your site and advise of the best method to adopt. This is free of charge.

The method which is likely to give the best results will vary according to factors such as geology, type of site and location. It would help if a digital photograph of the proposed survey area could be supplied at the outset. Where the vegetation is too high for good results to be obtained it may be necessary to either have the area cut especially for the survey or to wait until it is cut in the normal round of agricultural operations.

If it is decided that a survey using techniques which we have available is likely to be useful, we could carry out an initial appraisal of your site using our equipment to see if the results are worth having.

If our apparatus is unlikely to be useful to you we will say so, rather than getting you to pay for a survey and then having to explain why the results were poor. We may be able to suggest people who have other equipment which could be more useful to you - such as ground penetrating radar if your site is covered with tarmac.

The price will vary according to other factors such as the archaeological interest of the project and the degree of flexibility there is concerning the timing of the work. Local Societies and individuals carrying out research may not be charged the same rate as developers who urgently need a survey as part of their planning application.

Large sites may well cost less per hectare than small ones more as the costs of getting to the site remain the same for both and small sites are more fiddly.

As the days are longer in the summer prices may be lower then as more work can be done in a day although this may be offset by the higher cost of accommodation in some places in the summer.

Our prices normally include a report of which samples are available elsewhere on this website.

As a general guide magnetometry at a 1 metre line interval should cost about 250 per hectare although this will vary greatly.

If you are a local Society in the UK and need funding for a project then the Heritage Lottery Fund may be able to help.