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LIDAR processing

We are able to use our geophysics software and other programmes to process this data which is freely available from the Environment Agency. The data is currently available for areas where they have been investigating flood risks, but the whole of England may be surveyed with lidar by 2021. An idea of the 1m coverage can be obtained from Owen Reynolds' Houseprices Lidar website.

Here is the same area, the first is a Google Earth air photo and the second is the lidar picture of the area which shows the ridge and furrow more clearly.

Image for lidar comparison         lidar survey near Banbury

In addition to producing greyscale and colour images to give an idea of their topography, we can also process these to flatten the main hills so the small scale features can show more clearly.

We are starting to produce contour surveys from this data and are grateful to Kevin Barton for suggesting a way to do this. Here is a 100m x 100m area showing a presumed motte, which may well be a 17th century garden feature.

Contour survey from lidar data

Contour survey from LIDAR data. Heights in metres above sea level.